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December News at The Groom Room

Dog of the Month

These guys are all worthy of a special mention because they are gentle giants and they all have their special requirements when they visit The Groom Room. From Left to Right, a Bulldog, a Great Dane Mix puppy, and a Great Dane. As is common with white dogs, Henry the Bulldog suffers with allergy on his skin and in his ears and eyes. He visits us every month and has his shedding coat brushed out, followed by a gentle bath in sensitive shampoo, carefully cleaning out the folds in his skin. His ears are cleaned out and his sore eyes softly sponged.

If your dog has special requirements, don't worry. We specialise in catering for every individuals needs, just tell us and we will do the rest! Perhaps your dog needs a particular veterinary shampoo? we will happily apply it for you, or maybe you would like us to apply eye or eardrops? It's all part of our service ☺

November 2012 - Before

November 2012 - Before

Merry Christmas Gift Vouchers!

Gift Vouchers start at just £5 and the lucky person you give a Groom Room Voucher to can redeem it against a part or all of a visit. Perhaps you would like to give luxury shampoo for your favourite pooch, or treat him to a groom? We also give vouchers for our Introductory Grooming Day - Come and learn how to groom your dog the Groom Room way. It's a fantastic day, read what Yvonne Wilkins had to say when she visited us recently:-


"Having 2 cockerpoos since August made me rethink the grooming regime in the long term. I'd wanted to groom my own dog since we had our first cockerpoo Jenna, and even bought the clippers ready for this before we actually picked her up! However, I was too scared to use them, I think I switched them on once, and then put them away.

Now I am retired and have the time to do these things, I searched around online to see what courses I could find, and was particularly interested in the Groom Room in Winsford, Cheshire. On Monday I went for a day's training there, when Rachel helped me to trim Jenna. Rachel was absolutely brilliant, she demonstrated just a little bit at a time and then left me to continue what she had shown me. We did clippering in the morning, and scissor work in the afternoon. I learnt such a lot as she gave me so many tips along the way, and with her guidance, Jenna came home looking wonderful. I should add that Jenna is rather long backed, and Rachel showed me how to shape her so that this feature of Jenna's was minimised. I don't think I could rate Rachel highly enough. Everyone at the Groom Room was friendly and welcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed my day."

And Talking About Grooming...

A big congratulations goes to Lynn Manley who recently completed a professional grooming course at The Groom Room Training Academy, and is pictured here at here open day in her brand new Cheshire Grooming Salon "Hair of the Dog"

Good luck with your new venture Lynn, we wish you all the very best in the world of grooming.

How Would You Like Your Dog to Look This Smart on CHRISTMAS DAY?!

Everyone deserves to dress up and look a million dollars on Christmas Day, and that of course includes your canine family member! They already have the coat, they just need The Groom Room to transform it to look its very best while they open their doggie stocking on 25th! So go on, give us a call, spaces are becoming short already and we don't want to let you down...

November 2012 - Before


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