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February News at The Groom Room

Dog of the month at The Groom Room

Wow! This is a young Lakeland Terrier. In his life so far he has had some unhappy visits to various groomers. None of them seemed to know how to hand strip his coat or indeed what a 'Lakey' should look like when groomed! It was so important to us that his first experience with The Groom Room should be full of fun, love, kindness and quality grooming. He had a fabulous time and already we have started to create the true Lakeland look. Go strut your stuff lad!

BeforeAfter New Puppy? - 20% Off Your First Groom!

New Puppy? - 20% Off Your First Groom!

So you have got your new bundle of love and boy do you know it!! We all forget what a handful puppies are, but they are so sweet we really don't mind! It's worth you knowing that up to the age of 18 weeks is a crucial time in your puppies' life. Why? Because things they experience in that period they tend to accept willingly for the rest of their lives. That's why good books and websites encourage you to take your young puppy to lots of different places and expose them to many different sounds, sights and experiences. The grooming parlour is one of those experiences, so even if they just come for an introductory bath, brush and nail clip it will set them right for the rest of their lives. Why not take advantage of this special offer and contact us today for your first appointment! 07833 681574

Big Dog Special

Big Dog Special

Say Hi to this gorgeous lass, a ten month old Bernese Mountain Dog and this is her first ever visit to a groomer. As tends to happen her old undercoat had matted together against her skin and was starting to become uncomfortable.

We think you'll agree that after plenty of de-matting, brushing, bathing and drying she looks fantastic! and the way she trotted around after her groom she clearly felt great too... what a pleasure it is to give a dog a face lift and a lovely pamper that they'll look forward to every time they visit The Groom Room!


Student Model Dogs

Student Model Dogs (half price)

Is your dog regularly groomed and good natured?

At The Groom Room we are always on the look out for suitable model dogs. Our students groom them under the close supervision of an experienced tutor, so they finish with a lovely groom, and at just half the price you would normally pay!

If this interests you, please give us a ring on 07833 681574 or drop us an email at and we will arrange it for you! Model dogs visit us from 10am until 4pm on the day of their groom.



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