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January News at The Groom Room

Dog of the Month

This Lovely Miniature Schnauzer had not had his regular groom for one reason or another, so by the time he booked in at The Groom Room his coat had become matted, which this type of coat so easily does. The best and kindest thing for him was for us to take his coat short, to remove all his knotted hair without causing him discomfort. Happily we managed to save his handsome beard so he still has the characteristics of his breed! With regular brushing by his owner in the coming weeks he will be able to grow back the hair which creates the lovely, shapely legs and chest that we associate with Schnauzers ☺

January 2013 - Before January 2013 - After

Vet Warns of Increase in Poisonings!

The Willows Group have reported an increase in the number of dogs suffering poisoning from rat poison. Symptoms include pale gums, weakness, bloody nose, blood in urine or faeces, coughing up blood, a distended, firm abdomen. Poison can be ingested by eating rat bait or eating a rat which has been poisoned.

Please be aware of what your dog is doing out on walks, especially if your dog likes to roam and scavenge. Do you know if the land owner where you walk has a policy of using poison to control rats or mice?

If you suspect poisoning, take your dog immediately to your vet. If you can find out the name of the poison then that's very helpful to the vet, but time is crucial! and a delay in treatment can prove fatal for your dog.

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Did your pooch have a bit too much turkey and stuffing over the festive period? Not to mention all those yummy treats they got in their doggie stockings!!

We humans are not the only ones who perhaps need to make New Years resolutions to tighten our belts and loose a few pounds this January! But how to start? You are not alone...

A good groomer or vet will be able to give you free, knowledgable advice on type and quantity of food, as well as how to change fattening treats to healthy ones; and advice on appropriate exercise for the breed and age of your dog.

Dieting your dog doesn't have to be a struggle, and your dog will be so much happier to be light and nimble. Being overweight puts a lot of strain on their joints, not to mention their vital organs. Good luck, and remember we are here to help, just ask us!


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