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July News at The Groom Room

Dog of the month at The Groom Room

This is a stunning Wheaten Scottish Terrier, we don't often see 'Wheaten' or creamy white Scotties and this fella travelled all the way from Liverpool to have his makeover at The Groom Room! The majority of Scotties are groomed with a mix of clipping and scissoring to produce this classic shape, however this little man is 'hand stripped', a process which plucks tiny amounts of dead coat little by little until a beautiful, tight jacket is left, which flows in to generous leg and skirt feathers. He attends dog shows and we wish him the best of luck... Go strut your stuff lad!

BeforeAfter Tis the Season for Ticks

'Tis the Season for Ticks...

Once upon a time Ticks were localised to very rural areas of GB, but now they can be found in most areas of Britain, and this includes Cheshire. As our dogs enjoy a rummage in the countryside they can't help but pick up ticks from greenery in the undergrowth. Don't panic though, some of the monthly spot-on treatments used to prevent fleas also cover your dog for ticks. And if you do find a tick on your dog there is a specific way to remove it - it is important that every last bit of the tick is removed to prevent infection. Just ask a good groomer to remove it for you, or your vet can do the same.

Grass Pollen Allergies and Your Dog

Grass Pollen Allergies and Your Dog

Allergies can be caused by a number of things, and in the late spring and summer months, pollen is a common culprit. Generally it will cause an irritating pink or red rash on the underside of your dog. This can spread up the sides in small dogs which are close to the ground. As your dog runs through grass, the parts of his body which come in to contact with grass and the pollen it carries will react adversely. Your dog may lick, bite or scratch the affected areas which just makes the skin more inflamed.

Although it's the last thing you might think of, it has been well proven that taking a tablet of bee pollen each day pre-sensitises the animal to defend itself against allergic reactions. In fact the news gets better, because The Groom Room uses and stocks bee pollen tablets from FLP (Forever Living Products) and being natural and organic, people and animals alike can take bee pollen to protect against a whole range of allergic reactions. Feel free to contact The Groom Room for free and helpful advice on a whole range of allergies. 07833 681574


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