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June News at The Groom Room

Dog of the Month

How adorable!! It seems to be a competition to see who can lie the lowest! Here at The Groom Room we welcome large dogs and small, and from puppies to oldies, all needs are specially catered for. These two gorgeous dogs are both still young, Rufus the St Bernard and Lucy the Labrador puppy. It's not hard to imagine why a St Bernard should need to visit a grooming salon, but you may be surprised that lots of Labradors visit us too. They shed large quantities of undercoat all year round (especially chocolate labs) which we brush out before and after a thorough massaging Dream Shower, leaving them clean and sweet smelling!

Dog of the Month  Cheshire Cat

A Purrrfect Pets in the Park Event!

If you didn't get to Marbury Park near Northwich on 14th May this year for "Pets in the Park" be sure not to miss it next year! It was a fantastic celebration of pets of all shapes and sizes. As you can see The Groom Room's stand even had a visit from a Giant Cheshire Cat looking for his turn to be pampered!

It has to be said that dogs dominated the day with some fabulous displays in the main arena, as well as a fun dog show running throughout the day. There were lots of stands offering products and services to do with everything pet related that you might imagine, and the turnout for this "first time" event was amazing!


A Purrrfect Pets in the Park Event!A Purrrfect Pets in the Park Event!

Action Packed Pet Photography

You know your pet is special, but wouldn't it just be great if a professional could capture those awesome moments on camara so you could savour them for ever on your favourite wall in your home?

Action Packed Pet PhotographyAction Packed Pet Photography

Well now you can! The Groom Room has been searching on your behalf for THE best pet photographer in the country... and we believe we have found him! Whether you prefer the posed look or pooch in full flight, as you can see, Andy Biggar Photography does it all. Just visit to see more of his work. You can book a personalised photography session with him through The Groom Room or by contacting him through his website. So go on... treat yourself or a family member or friend to the photos of a lifetime!


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