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June News at The Groom Room

Dogs of the Month

Believe it or not this is a Tibetan Terrier! She had once had a bad experience with an inexperienced groomer, and her owners were too scared to send her again. Eventually they realised that something had to be done! And happily she had a calm, relaxed grooming experience at The Groom Room ☺ Carefully we clipped away the solidly matted hair which came off in one piece, then we gave her a soothing bath to nourish her skin and clean her remaining hair. Once dry her hair was trimmed again to a smooth, velvet finish; her ears were cleared of wax and hair, and finally her nails were filed to a sensible length. Her owners were so relieved, and we had the pleasure of re-instating a free and happy dog. Big smiles all round!

Dog of the Month Dog of the Month

Pets in the Park - A Fantastic Day Out!

What a fabulous day was had by all! The Dog Show pulled in huge crowds. There were fun classes for every age and type of dog, and one of our customers, a wire haired fox terrier called Wellington (top right) won a rosette in the "most handsome dog" class ☺

A steady stream of people and their dogs visited The Groom Room at their stand, where we were offering doggie nail clipping for charity, as well as giving out lots of useful advice for dogs of all shapes, sizes, coat types and temperaments.

There was a fun agility course, ideal for those who have never tried agility before and wanted to give it a go. We are not sure who enjoyed it more, the dogs or the owners, but there were lots of woofs and grins!

There were even reptiles there, and as you can see (bottom right) Rachel was quite surprised to find herself getting very friendly with a snake!

Dog of the Month

The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations... and Our Dogs

Dog of the Month

Dog of the Month

We have certainly seen some changes in 60 years since our Queen began her reign in 1952. So what has changed?

The role of dogs is very different now, we value them very highly as constant companions, they go almost everywhere with us, we pamper them with the most gourmet of expensive dog foods, some served up in fancy trays, we dress them up in diamante collars, leads, and even clothing! We move over on the settee to make room for them so we can what our favourite TV together!

Dog of the Month

It's a far cry from a dog's life in 1952 when dogs were treated well... er... like dogs! It wasn't all good though, it's not so long since people were still turning their dogs out by day to form dog packs which roamed the streets, getting into mischief as dogs do! Dogs were still companions then just as they are now, but we didn't try to humanise them, we didn't have the same intense intimacy as we do now.Many of us have decided now that we like our dogs to carry the same status as we do.

Just beware though, we can take it a bit too far, and dogs don't think the same as we do. If your dog barks at other dogs on walks, or chases them off, or maybe you have some issues with your dog at home, then it's time to re-assess your status. Don't worry if you're not sure how, at The Groom Room we are very experienced in dog behaviour and are always happy to point you in the right direction. Just ask us ...


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