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March News at The Groom Room

Dogs of the Month

We have to say we were horrified when this sight in the "before" picture met our eyes, not one... not two... but three grey Westies full of long, dirty, matted hair entered the salon! It took us most of the day to turn them in to three white, presentable Westies and we staff slept like babies that night!

Dog of the Month Dog of the Month

Yes, it would appear that we can perform miracles at The Groom Room, but Pleeeese ☺ we would really appreciate being informed when you book in, if your dog's coat is likely to require more than the average time to wash, dry, brush out and style to your liking.

The Groom Room attends a "Groom Team England" seminar

Thank you All Applicants for Groomers Assistant Post

It is our pledge to you, our customers and our students to provide the very best dog grooming and training available, and to that end we continually attend "professional development" events to keep abreast of the latest styles, techniques and equipment.

26th February saw us in Warwickshire in the company of some of the very best groomers in the UK. It was an excellent day ☺ This Wire Haired Fox Terrier is part way through being groomed in a demonstration of grooming techniques, and in the background a lasa apso and a bichon frise are also being transformed from fluffballs to fantastic pooches!

CRUFTS 2012 is 8TH - 11TH March... Don't miss it!

The theme for Crufts this year is "HAPPY, HEALTHY DOGS" Vets and experts will be on hand to chat to you about the Do's and Don'ts of how to give your dog a great life from puppy through to the autumn years.

There will also be a large "Discover Dogs" section where you can meet ALL breeds of dog on every one of the four day show, and talk to their breeders before you choose the breed that's right for you and your family to buy and own.

And of course there are hundreds of stands selling every doggie - related gadget imaginable, as well as a whole host of other activities to blow your mind, including Grooming Competitions, Good Citizen Dog Demonstrations, Dancing Dogs, Agility, Flyball, Obedience, and oh... so much more!

If you want to choose the best day for you to visit the show, here are the categories which are showing in the Breed Rings on each day:-

Thursday 8th March Toy and Utility
Friday 9th March Gundogs
Saturday 10th March Working and Pastoral
Sunday 11th March Terrier and Hound

We'll be there on the Saturday, rooting for some of our customers. Have a fantastic day out!


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