The Dog Groom RoomThe Dog Groom RoomThe Dog Groom RoomThe Dog Groom RoomThe Dog Groom Room

November News at The Groom Room

Dog of the Month

This hansome German Shepherd Dog had a lovely afternoon at The Groom Room, indulging in the luxury of the salon's "Dream Shower"- a massage and a bubbly bath rolled in to one! This along with a really good brush out to remove all the matted, dead coat left him looking and feeling half his age and twice as stunning!

The Dog Groom Room

It is sometimes easy to forget that this breed and collies and retrievers too, all moult and get mats and tats in their coats. But trying to brush, bath and dry these dogs is a massive task for a pet owner, and so much simpler for a professional grooming salon; the dogs enjoy the professional touch too!

All about Hand - Stripping

All about Hand - Stripping

Hand stripping is an art perfected by few, skilled groomers. It is the method by which dogs, usually with wiry coats lose their dead coat, allowing new fresh hair to grow in its place. Left to its own devises, the hair would gradually come out bit by bit, but the coat would look patchy and tatty. Done Correctly, hand stripping pulls out the dead hair, revealing new growth beneath, and as you can see in this picture at The Groom Room salon it is a very relaxing experience. Sometimes new growth has already started, but often the growth is not stimulated until the dead hair is removed, so for a short while the coat may appear quite thin. Not all dogs within a "hand stripping" breed have coats suitable for the method. For example if a coat has previously been cut or clipped the texture turns softer and doesn't strip out. This softer texture often but not always appears after a dog is castrated or spayed too. If in doubt, talk to a groomer who is knowledgeable about the subject, they can look at your dog's coat and discuss your options and wishes with you.

Winter Styles to Keep Warm!

The Dog Groom RoomThe Dog Groom Room

Here at The Groom Room we specialise in varying styles to suit your dog throughout the four seasons. In the middle of July a short, cool coat is often the order of the day, but come December they would be shivering! Talk to us about your requirements, as long as the hair isn't matted we can use different techniques to leave your dog's coat a little longer on the body for some added insulation!

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