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November News at The Groom Room

Dog of the Month

Say Hi to this adorable Labradoodle. This was her first visit to The Groom Room, she has a gorgeous coat, but it was just getting a bit out of control! Contrary to popular belief not all Labradoodles are non-moulting, so a good brush brought out all the loose undercoat. A special Groom room Dream-Shower combined great coat cleaning and conditioning with a relaxing massage, Wow! After a blow dry she then had her coat styled in to an attractive "Teddy Trim". Lastly her nails were cut and inside her ears cleared of excess hair and wax. It really is a full service for your furry friend down at The Groom Room ☺

Dog of the Month Dog of the Month

Caption of the Month

Dog of the Month Dog of the Month

"Think... think, mmn, What did I do with my broomstick?"

"Aha! There it is! But now my witches hat has slipped off...
If its not one thing its another!"

Feeding my dog - What sort and How Much?

Dog of the Month

Britain is in the middle of a dog obesity epidemic! Dogs are not self critical, they don't look at themselves on a Monday morning and regret the weekends over indulgences! They rely on us 100% for portion control, and we owe it to them to apply it sensibly...

Failure to keep our dogs at a happy weight results in breathlessness, tiredness, stress on their heart and other organs, and painful joints. This of course is counter-productive because they won't want to walk if their joints ache, so they won't get the healthy exercise every dog needs!

When choosing a dog food, look at the percentage levels of oil and protein on the label, and if your dog puts weight on easily, choose a 'light' option containing lower levels. If you are tempted to fill the dog bowl right up, buy a smaller dog bowl! Remember that dried foods swell up greatly inside your dog which is uncomfortable for them. What looks only a little in the bowl is a very big portion once it has absorbed water in your dog's tummy!

If you like to be able to give your dog treats, there are unfortunately loads of fattening ones on the market! But there are some healthy ones too, so choose the low fat options. Many dogs also love raw carrot as a crunchy, tasty treat - ideal!


The Best Toy Ever

Dog of the Month

The humble tennis ball is the best toy ever for dogs of varying sizes, breeds and ages... Why?

Keep it Special...

Don't leave the tennis ball lieing around, keep it as that special toy that your dog enjoys in partnership with YOU! Think of it like a fantastic, expensive car - if you had use of it 24/7 it wouldn'tbe special any more. don't lose the novelty, once your great game together is finished, put the tennis ball away out of sight... till the next game.


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