November 1
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The Groom Room : News September 2007

DOG OF THE MONTH at The Groom Room

This is Taya, a two year old Westie, with the sweetest nature you could possibly wish for. Regrettably, Taya had a poor experience at a previous grooming salon, and her mum had put off calling any groomer at all for months as a result. Thankfully her vet suggested she call The Groom Room, and I think it is safe to say that both Taya's and her mum's confidence has been restored. She had a lovely visit, at the end of which her pretty eyes were shining out of her lovely faceā€¦ aaah, a happy ending!

The Dog Groom Room NewsThe Dog Groom Room News

Hand Stripping Special Feature

For those of you searching for expertise in hand stripping, look no further. Here at The Groom Room, Rachel specialises in the technique which gives your dog a richly coloured, weatherproof coat. It is something which generally has to be started from puppy hood, as an alternative to clipping. Any breed of dog that you would associate with clipping can alternatively be hand stripped.

Clipping gives a very even and neat finish to the coat, it is very popular and there is absolutely nothing wrong with clipping. Hand stripping is simply an alternative which gives a more natural finish, leaving a weatherproof top coat in place; and in dark coats, a richer colour too.

The Dog Groom Room NewsThe Dog Groom Room News

Your dog's coat changes twice a year, in the Spring and the Autumn, and so these are generally (but not always) the best times of year to hand strip the coat. You can test for yourself when your dog is ready, as the longer hairs all over the body will easily detach from the skin when gently pulled in clumps of say 10 to 15 hairs at a time. Check all over the body, as it doesn't all come ready together. Oh and be sure to make your appointment before its ready, to ensure you can get an appointment for when its ready!

It's the Tick Season!

We don't suffer with ticks to the same degree in Cheshire as they do in parts of Wales and Scotland, but we DO still have some! So, particularly if you have been walking your dog in undergrowth, relax in front of the TV in the evening with your dog, and gently feel all over its body. You are feeling for tiny little lumps similar to a small wart. Your groomer or your vet will be able to remove them for you. Alternatively, you can remove them yourself, there are various techniques, BUT be aware that it is important that the entire tick is removes, because a tick fully buries its head and legs under your dog's skin.

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